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Buy 1P lsd from our well pure selection of lsd products from best royalpsychedelics shop. Psychedelics are major drugs or substances with heavy mind altering and psychoactive effects. These effects usually don’t last up to a day, as they are shortly effective in the system. They however offer one of the best high you can find in drugs, the high is often describe as a ‘TRIP’.

Buy ACID TABS the other name for LSD which stands for Lysergic Acid Dyethilamide (LSD) a major psychedelic drug that produces the psychoactive and hallucinating effects. LSD is an acid and is one of the most potent mood-changing chemicals and exist in a market as a drug. It basically is produce (how is LSD produce?) from Lysergic acid found in ERGOT FONGUS.

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Buy lsd tabs online at price ranges bellow every other competitor on the market. Acid tabs are form from the pure lsd which is an extract from the ERGOT Fongus and inject it in insoluble or dissoluble blotters (papers). Buy acid tabs at royal psychedelics-shop (Roral Psychedelics) and the projected acid gel tabs too for sale.

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LSD exist in various forms, however, at Royalpsychedelicsshop we have 4 different forms available in our stock. The forms of lsd available at the moment are :

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